Why use HitLyst


Curated accounts

Official accounts into thousands of lists carefully. Browse feed from these lists with one tap.

Trends, with locations

Follow trending topics across different cities in your country.

Cent Feed

100 most followed accounts of your country curated in one list. Check what they are tweeting about.

Use Case 1

Following news - instantly, relevant to you

Chris follows news on Twitter, except his timeline is filled with tons of posts he's not interested in. He uses HitLyst to follow top 50 journalists, music stars and favorite sports personalities. Now he has different timelines by interest - allowing him to follow relevant feed.

Use Case 2

Following trending topics - city wise, country wise .

Samantha loves trending topics - what users on Twitter are talking about. But users talk about different topics in cities & countries. Samantha uses HitLyst, favorites her country and city, and follows trends from different cities as well. She instantly checks feed for trending topic and adds custom keywords (like - "Bieber") to app home screen to follow tweets more about trends & keywords

Use Case 3

Cent Feed - Following top 100 influencers in a country

Jake follows the headlines and frontpage of newspapers & internet. He wants to follow what most influential people in his country are talking about. He uses HitLyst and add Cent Feed list for his country. Top 100 most followed accounts timeline is available in one tap.

I really like your app/project mate. Iā€™m sure the UX will evolve. All in all, great launch. Keep up the good work.
Lyondhur - on Product Hunt
City wise trends are nicely done. šŸ‘
User Mss15 - on Reddit
Few clicks and multiple timelines. Just fantastic
Kumar Shanu on Playstore